Faculty Research Interests

Below is an extensive list of the variety of research conducted by professors in the Department of Earth Sciences.

Faculty Member Research
Anderson, Melissa Ore deposits, marine geology
Bank, Charly Near surface geophysics
Bennett, Neil Experimental petrology, High T and P geochemistry
Bergquist, Bridget Metal geochemistry
Bollmann, Jörg Paleoceanography, geobiology, paleoecology
Caron, Jean-Bernard Paleobiology, paleoecology
Chu, Xu Metamorphic and experimental petrology
Cowling, Sharon Global carbon cycle
Desloges, Joseph Fluvial geomorphology, glaciolacustrine sedimentation, paleohydrology
Diamond, Miriam Environmental contaminant fate and exposure
Dittrich, Maria Biogeochemistry and geomicrobiology
Finkelstein, Sarah Paleoecology, paleoclimatology
Gregory, Dan Hydrothermal ore systems
Halfar Jochen Paleoclimatology, geobiology
Hamilton, Mike Geochronology
Head, Martin Marine palynology, paleoceanography
Henderson, Grant Amorphous materials, high T and P geochemistry
Heron, Philip Plate tectonics, supercontinent formation and dispersal, numerical modelling, mantle lithosphere dynamics
Howard, Ken Hydrogeology, water resources
Kamo, Sandra Radio-isotopic dating (geochronology), Earth's geologic evolution through time
Laflamme, Marc Paleontology, sedimentology, taphonomy, fossil, ediacara
Liu Qinya Seismology, geophysics
Lui, Semechah Seismology and earthquake physics
Lowman, Julian Mantle dynamics, numerical modelling
Pysklywec, Russ Geodynamics and tectonics
Rangel, Rodrigo Environmental geophysics, cryosphere geophysics, hydrogeophysics
Santimano, Tasca Structural geology, tectonics, geoscience education
Schoenbohm, Lindsay Neotectonics and landscape evolution
Sherwood Lollar, Barbara Stable isotope geochemistry
Simpson, Myrna Environmental organic geochemistry
Sio, Corliss Isotope geochemistry and experimental petrology
Swidinsky Andrei  Exploration geophysics
Tait, Kim Mineralogy, crystallography, meteoritics
Wortmann, Ulrich Marine geology, paleoceanography,carbon and sulfur cycling, geomicrobiology
Xu, Xiaoyong Environmental Sciences


Please note that the emeritus faculty listing is for information purposes. While some emeritus professors may be continuing to do research in their retirement, they are not accepting graduate student applications.

Emeritus Faculty Research
Anderson, Greg Geochemistry, thermodynamics
Bailey, Richard Geophysics and tectonics
Davis, Don Geochronology
Eyles, Nick Glacial geology
Ferris, Grant Microbial geochemistry
Gittins, John Igneous petrology, carbonatites
Halls, Henry Paleomagnetism, tectonics
Miall, Andrew Basin analysis, stratigraphy, sedimentology
Milkereit, Bernd Exploration geophysics
Robin, Pierre Structural and metamorphic geology, geodynamics, numerical methods in geology
Schwerdtner, Fried Structural geology, shield terrains
Spooner, Ed Fluid geochemistry, ore deposits
Schulze, Dan Upper mantle petrology, diamonds
von Bitter, Peter Invertebrate paleontology
Westgate, John Tephrochronolgy