International & Indigenous Course Module (IICM)

International & Indigenous Course Modules (IICMs) provide an opportunity for faculty to take a group of undergraduate students on a Reading Week trip as part of a course. IICMs are designed to enhance students’ classroom learning by applying course content to relevant settings and communities around the globe. Learn more about this program offered through the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Upcoming IICM Trips in Earth Sciences Courses

The next IICM trip will be to Chile with Professors Dan Gregory and Corliss Sio. Students enrolled in ESS423H1S - Mineral Deposits and ESS322H1S - Igneous Petrology will receive information in class about this opportunity.

Past IICM Trips

The table below lists some of the courses and places visitied through the IICM Program since 2012. A video made by students on the 2022 Chile trip can be viewed on the U of T Earth Sciences Youtube channel.

Year Course Place Earth Science 
2023 ESS 445 Global Tectonics Turkey Tectonics and recent earthquake evidence
2023 ESS423 Mineral Deposits & ESS322 Igneous Petrology Chile Tectonics, minerals, mining and remediation
2022 ESS445 Global Tectonics & ESS223 Earth Systems Turkey Geology and tectonics of central volcanic province
2022 ESS423 Mineral Deposits & ESS322 Igneous Petrology Chile Tectonics and mineral deposits
2019 ESS221 Rock & Minerals Turkey

Tectonics and geology of central Anatolia: Cappadocia

2019 Petrology and Ore Deposits South Africa Petrology and ere deposits
2018 ESS221 Rock & Minerals Turkey Tectonics and geology of western Anatolia
2017 ESS445 Global Tectonics New Zealand Studying active tectonics and volcanism of the North Island
2017 ESS441 Advanced Structural Geology Oman Ophiolite, pillow basalts and the crust-mantle boundary
2016 ESS221 Rocks & Minerals Spain Metamorphism and tectonic history of the Ronda Peridotite, Rio Tinto and Limestone rock of Gibraltar
2015 ESS241 & ESS461 Barbados and St. Lucia Geology and hazards of a live island arc subduction zone
2014 ESS322 Igneous & Metamorphic Petology Hawaii  
2013 GLG217 & GLG465 New Zealand Tectonics of the North and South Island of New Zealand