Geoscience Education

We employ, develop, and evaluate pedagogical learning techniques that seek to improve student engagement and metacognition through innovative activities and hands-on experiential learning in our classrooms, laboratories, and field courses. Some questions we have been investigating: 

  • Do student-driven flipped classrooms help with knowledge retention?
  • Can gamification of the classroom develop deeper critical thinking?
  • Can virtual fieldwork improve student experiences?
  • Are collaborative learning activities effective?
  • How may we integrate ethical thinking in our curriculum?
  • What are new ways to improve student quantitative reasoning?
  • What are constructive uses of concept maps for learning and assessment?
Faculty Areas of Interest
Charly (Carl-Georg) Bank near-surface geophysics for forensic/environmental/archaeological investigations; geoscience education
Joe Desloges fluvial geomorphology, glaciolacustrine sedimentation, paleohydrology
Daniel Gregory hydrothermal ore systems
Marc Laflamme invertebrate paleontology, geoscience pedagogy
Tasca Santimano tectonics, geoscience pedagogy