Recent PhD Thesis Titles


Junxing Chen (Chu)

Petrologic thermodynamic and diffusion kinetic modeling: Applications to Venus and Western Tianshan Metamorphic Belt

Zhenhao Zhou (Chu)

Contact Metamorphism and Decarbonation in the Gangdese Arc: A Petrological, Geochemical, and Phase Equilibria Study


Natalie Szponar (Bergquist)

Tracing Atmospheric Sources of Mercury through Passive Air Sampling and Isotope Characterization

Mitchell McMillan (Schoenbohm)

Construction of Orogenic Plateaus: Geomorphology and Geodynamics of the Puna Plateau, Central Andes

Katie Maloney (Laflamme)

Tonian macroalgal fossils and paleoenvironments of the Mackenzie Mountain Supergroup in the Wernecke Mountains, Canada

Jacob Kvasnicka (Diamond/Cohen Hubal)

Joint Influence of Human Activities and Indoor Microenvironments on Contaminant Exposure: A Mass-Balance Modeling Investigation

Erkan Gun (Pysklywec)

Syn-Drift Plate Tectonics and the Subduction Pulley: The Geodynamics of Tectonic Plates and Allochthonous Terranes

Samantha Athey (Diamond)

Microplastics and other Anthropogenic Contaminants: from Source to Sink in the Canadian Environment

Natasha Leclerc (Halfar)

Reconstructing Past Sea Ice Cover with Coralline Red Algae


Alice Alex (Zajacz) 

Development of new methods to control redox conditions in high-pressure experiments and their application to study ore metal solubilities in sulfur-bearing magmatic fluids

Marissa Davies (Finkelstein)

Drivers of Holocene carbon uptake and release in peatlands of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada

Carter Grondahl (Zajacz) 

Controls on the ore fertility of continental arc magmas: new constraints from silicate melt inclusions

Tanya Kizovski (Tait)

A “Shocking” Investigation into Life on Mars: Examination of the Structural and Chemical Effects of Shock in Hydrous Phases in Martian Meteorites

Erin Seagren (Schoenbohm) 

Drainage Reorganization and Landscape Evolution at the Puna Plateau Margin, NW Argentina


Alex Boivin (Ghent)

Characterization of the Complex Permittivity of Planetary Regolith Analogue Materials

Eunji Byun (Cowling/Finkelstein)

The underestimated role of temperate wetlands in the late Quaternary terrestrial carbon cycle

Anna Phillips (Cowling/Finkelstein)

Statistical modelling of riverine dissolved silicon on different spatial and temporal scales

Neal Sullivan (Brennan/Zajacz)

Mobilization of Platinum, Palladium and Gold by Magmatic Brines: An Experimental Study

Man Yin Tsang (Wortmann)

Modeling the Effects of Microbially-mediated Sulfate Reduction on Porewater S-isotope Ratios in Marine Sediments