About our Undergraduate Studies

Do you like sciences but have a hard time choosing which one to pursue? Can you picture yourself performing experiments in the lab, or collecting data in the field, or developing and testing models on a computer? Then earth sciences is the discipline for you. It is the study of physical, chemical, and biological processes over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales in earth and planetary systems. Programs in earth sciences provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics and science, along with specialized courses on the physics and chemistry of rocks and minerals, the internal and external processes that have shaped the surface of the planet, and the role of living organisms in geological processes.

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dragonfly on an arched branch with a volcano in the background

If you are interested in forest conservation, environmental sciences, physical geography, or ecology and evolutionary biology but want to discover how to scale-up biological processes to the landscape and global scale, then you want our department’s major in Earth and Environmental Systems.

three people crouching around a geophysics instrument

If you are more oriented towards physics or chemistry but you want to expose yourself to interesting earth and environmental applications, then you want to enrol in our department’s specialist in Geophysics or our department’s specialist in Environmental Geosciences.

four people leaning against a reddish coloured rock

If you already know you have a tendency towards topics of geological focus and/or you seek creditation from the Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO), then our specialist in Geology is for you!

a smiling student holding a rock sample while friends do fun poses around them

If you have reached this far and still want to add a little earth sciences flavour to your primary degree program, then consider our department’s minor in Geosciences.