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The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto is an inclusive, vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends passionate about understanding our home planet as well as other planetary bodies. We are leaders in cutting-edge science and are deeply invested in research, teaching and learning to address some of the greatest challenges facing humanity now and in the future, including climate change, green energy and the development of a sustainable, healthy society. We have a venerable 175-year tradition of research and education in Earth Sciences and rankings place us among the very top in the geosciences in Canada and internationally. We offer our students programs with strong emphases on research training, experiential discovery in the field, in our advanced analytical laboratories and in our computing labs working with the latest AI-driven technologies. Our graduate program spans the three campuses of the University of Toronto, with members of our tri-campus Earth Sciences graduate faculty in the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences at UTM and the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at UTSC in addition to those here in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the downtown St George Campus.

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