Earth Surface Processes

Earth’s surface hosts critical interfaces between the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Our faculty use a variety of field and lab-based methods to answer questions about the complex interaction of these Earth systems:

  • a photo of a meandering river, a moraine, a lake, and a braided river showing the breadth of earth surface processesHow do rivers, glaciers, and humans influence landform evolution?
  • What role does urbanization play in stream erosion and contaminant transport?
  • What is Earth's history of glaciation?
  • At what rates are land surfaces eroded and how does this influence mountain building?


Faculty Areas of Interest
Sharon Cowling global carbon cycle
Joe Desloges fluvial geomorphology, glaciolacustrine sedimentation, paleohydrology
Nick Eyles glacial geology
Lindsay Schoenbohm neotectonics and landscape evolution