Master of Science

The majority of students enrol in the doctoral-stream (also known as research-based) master’s (MSc), which involves a one-year research project that culminates in a research report (shorter than a formal thesis) and presentation.

Course Requirements

Students must complete a total of 3.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs):

  • ESS1101H
  • ESS3601Y
  • ESS3603Y
  • one half breadth course
  • one half elective course

See Graduate Courses for more information.

Funding: Full-time students are fully funded for one year; part-time students are not funded

Program length: three sessions (one year) full-time; six sessions (two years) part-time

Time limit: three years full-time; six years part-time

Note: The all-course MSc program is not currently offered.