Earth Sciences Seminar Series

Talks are held at the Earth Sciences Centre, room ES2093 at noon (unless otherwise specified). Seminars are in-person only.

The 2023/24 Earth Sciences Seminar Series speaker line up: 

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
14 September 2023 12:00 pm Dr. Chris Yakymchuk University of Waterloo Ancient impacts, early life, and gemstones: Insights into the Archean from souther West Greeenland
12 October 2023 12:00 pm Dr. Margarete A. Jadamec University of Buffalo Implications of slab edge dynamics on arc volcanism in the Pacific Ring of Fire
09 November 2023 12:00 pm Dr. Cindy Looy Univeristy of California, Berkeley Testing UV-B radiation as a proposed driver of the end-Permian mass extinction.
07 December 2023 12:00 pm Dr. Graham Pearson University of Alberta Diamonds Illuminate the Deep Earth
18 January 2024 12:00 pm Dr. Evan Hastie Ontario Geological Survey Critical minerals in gold deposits: Exploration insights and by-product potential
15 February 2024 12:00 pm Dr. Morgan O'Neill University of Toronto Convective forcing of stratospheric water vapor and implications for climate
14 March 2024 12:00 pm Dr. Clara Blättler University of Chicago TBA
11 April 2024 12:00 pm Dr. Crystal LaFlamme Universite Laval TBA


Other seminars


  • Rockfest is a graduate student seminar series usually held alternate Fridays where students can share their reserach with the department. Occasionally, the dates are shifted to accommodate other events n the department. Please check the Rockfest schedule and email or e-news announcements.

Canadian Exploration Geophysics Society (KEGS)

  • KEGS — Canadian Exploration Geophysics Society seminars are held in the Seminar Room (ES2093) during the regular term.

Toronto Geologic Discussion Group (TGDG)

  • TGDG GTA events are off campus and open to students and faculty to attend and network with Industry professionals

Walker Mineralogical Club