Pierre Robin

Professor Emeritus


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Physical chemistry of deformation and phase transitions within minerals:

  • Thermodynamics and stress
  • Theory and models of coherent transformation reactions within crystals: coherent exsolution, shear-induced coherent transitions, order-disorder transitions

Physical chemistry of deformation of polymineralic rocks under crustal conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.:

  • Physical chemistry of diffusion transfer in rocks, induced by stress (alias pressure solution) or by metamorphic reactions
  • Modelling and interpretation of textures caused by interaction of deformation with diagenetic and metamorphic reactions
  • Development of tectonic layering and cleavage
  • Fluid flow within and toward shear zones
  • Migmatization, migmatites, melting under stress

Measurement of large “paleostrains”, and, more generally, objective, numerical description of the fabrics of rocks:

  • Numerical methods of strain analysis in deformed rocks, statistical evaluation of the results, petrographic image analysis
  • Graphical representation and evaluation of oriented fabric data


  • PreCambrian tectonics: selected problems in Archean, Hudsonian and Grenvillian orogenic belts
  • Mathematical and numerical modelling of deformation in tectonic belts

Fluid flow through porous media:

  • Laboratory measurements and interpretation of very low permeabilities in rocks
  • Theoretical models and numerical calculations of fluid flow through ‘crystalline’ rocks and fractured media.


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MSc, University of Toronto
Civil and Mining Engineer, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Métallurgie et de l’Industrie des Mines, Nancy, France