Sarah Finkelstein

Chair and Professor
Department of Earth Sciences, Room 1066, 22 Ursula Franklin St. Toronto, ON M5S 3B1



School of the Environment
Department of Geography
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (UTSC)

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

The research in my group focuses on the recovery and analysis of paleoenvironmental records. These rich archives provide information on past climates, and allow a deeper understanding of how ecosystems respond to environmental change. Our projects incorporate both field and lab work to study lake and wetland sediment records, using a variety of physical, geochemical and biological techniques.

Current projects in our group are related to carbon accumulation in boreal and sub-arctic peatlands in Ontario's Hudson Bay Lowlands, hydroclimatic controls on marsh and swamp vegetation in the Great Lakes region, and using paleoecology to inform natural climate solutions. For more details on our research program and specific projects, please visit:


PhD, University of Toronto
MPhil, University of Cambridge
BA, Princeton University

Administrative Service

Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences