Bernd Milkereit

Professor Emeritus
ES 4111, Department of Earth Sciences, 22 Ursula Franklin St, Toronto, ON, M5S 3B1


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

We combine the development of new geophysical exploration technology/methodology with the drilling projects conducted by industry (mineral exploration in Canada) or International Continental Drilling Projects ICDP (gas hydrates, impact craters and hydrothermal systems). Ongoing research projects focus on unique stress-temperature conditions related to meteorite impacts (Bosumtwi, Ghana;   Sudbury, Canada), in-mine geophysics (Sudbury), the physical properties of permafrost and gas hydrates (Mackenzie Delta, Canada) and 3D seismic & cross-well DC/IP research projects for deep mineral exploration (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Alaska, Ireland and Athabasca Basin).