Neil Bennett

Assistant Professor
ES 4117, Department of Earth Sciences, 22 Ursula Franklin Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3B1


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

My research uses high pressure and temperature experiments to investigate how elements distribute themselves during geologic processes. This information has wide-ranging applications in petrology for studies that span the microscopic to the planetary scale. To date, I have focused on the latter of these scales – using highly siderophile elements to constrain the conditions of core-formation, the quantity of late-accreted material added to Earth’s mantle, and the effects of core-mantle interaction.

Planned areas of future study include:

– Trace element partitioning in highly (up to ~40 wt%) REE-enriched melts
– Fluoride melt formation in the upper mantle
– Fe-isotope fractionation in iron meteorites
– Siderophile element partitioning between oxide and metal melts

PhD and Masters students are sought to work broadly in the area of magmatic salts and their role in igneous petrogenesis and the formation of economic deposits.


PhD, Geology, University of Toronto
MSc, Geology, University of Birmingham