Sample Preparation Labs

Click on the following buttons for details on the sample preparation methods for analysis:

Petrothin Vertical Grinder

Metaserv 250 Grinder and Polisher

Logitec LP30 Precision Grinder / lapping

Vibrational Polisher

View the Thinsection lab Booking Calendar

Email the Lab Personnel to get booking permissions for the Thin Section Calendar!

Sample preparation lab users from outside of the department need to fill out the PDF iconSample Prep Job Request Form hourly rate is $20 /hr.

These facilities are currently not open to users from outside of the university.

View a detailed guide for the choice of saws available in the lab.

Blue Slab Saw

Wet Tile Saw

Trimmer Saws (x2)

Slow Speed Diamond Saw for crystals

Isomet 4000 Precision Saw

Contact the technician for details:

Dr. Yanan Liu
Senior Instrument Specialist
Phone: 416-978-5420
Email Dr. Liu