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Check this page regularly for the Earth Sciences Seminar Series schedule as well as Special Seminars hosted by the Department. Microbial controls on biogeochemical carbon cycling in marine sediments


2023/2024 Earth Sciences Seminars

Seminars will be held in person at the Earth Sciences Centre, room 2093. Doors open at noon, seminars start at 12:10 PM.


** denotes a day other than a Thursday





Talk Title

14 September 2023

12:00pm Dr. Chris Yakymchuk University of Waterloo

Ancient impacts, early life, and gemstones: Insights into the Archean from southern West Greenland

Read Abstract here

12 October 2023


Dr. Margarete A. Jadamec


University at Buffalo Implications of Slab Edge Dynamics on Arc Volcanism in the Pacific Ring of Fire

09 November 2023


Dr. Cindy Looy


University of California, Berkeley Testing UV-B radiation as a proposed driver of the end-Permian mass extinction.

07 December 2023

12:00pm Dr. Graham Pearson University of Alberta Diamonds Illuminate the Deep Earth 

18 January 2024 

12:00pm Dr. Evan Hastie Ontario

15 February 2024


Dr. Keith Putirka

CSU Fresno  

14 March 2024


Dr. Clara Blättler

University of Chicago  

11 April 2024

12:00PM Dr. Crystal LaFlamme Universite Laval  

Other Seminars

Rockfest Seminar Schedule

KEGS Seminars are held in the Seminar Room – ES2093 during the regular term

TGDG GTA events

Walker Mineralogical Club meets in ES2093 monthly.

The list below is from the 2022-23 Earth Sciences Seminar Series. Thank you to the distinguished scholars who gave lectures to our Earth Sciences community.





Talk Title

15 September 2022

12:10 PM ET

Alberto Vitale Brovarone
(Joubin James scholar)

Università di Bologna

Metamorphic methane degassing: the big unknown (and the chance to study it through an EU-funded grant)

22 September 2022


Tim Lyons (Joubin James scholar)

University of Riverside

How three billion years of Earth history may help us find life on exoplanets

06 October 2022


Rolf Kipfer (Joubin James scholar)

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG); ETH Zurich

The ballade of noble gases, paleoclimate, black smokers and arsenic

20 October 2022


Haley Sapers 

York University

Beyond the Catastrophe: meteorite impact structures, deep subsurface microbial communities, and (searching) for life on mars

26 October 2022**



 Jay Thomas 

Syracuse University Truths, mirages, and shifting sands: Parting Earth’s curtains using trace elements in mineral thermobarometers to reveal crystallization conditions of felsic rocks

9 November 2022***



Responses and adaption to environmental threats in the U.S. Gulf Coast 

24 November 2022


Christopher Spencer

Queen’s University Composition of Continental Crust Altered by the Emergence of Land Plants

8 December 2022


Zack Geballe

Carnegie Institution of Washington Temperature gradients, heat flow, and magnetic field generation in Earth’s core and lowermost mantle

12 January 2023


Liisa Jantunen

Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments Microplastics in the Canadian Artic

26 January 2023


Noah Phillips

Lakehead University Zooming in to see the big picture: Case studies in using field- to nano-scale observations to better understand deformation at plate margins

9 February 2023


Shandin Pete

UBC Vancouver Indigenous hydrologic forecasting: An exploration of archival ethnography and oral traditions intersecting Indigenous and modern science

2 March 2023


Derek Briggs Yale University Countering biases in the fossil record: Preservation of soft-bodied organisms 

9 March 2023


Martyn Golding

GSC Vancouver Evaluating tectonic models for the formation of the Canadian Cordillera using multivariate statistical analysis of conodont faunas and oxygen isotope geochemistry