Check this page regularly for the Earth Sciences Seminar Series schedule as well as Special Seminars hosted by the Department.Microbial controls on biogeochemical carbon cycling in marine sediments

Rockfest Seminar Schedule

ESSSLOGOAll seminars are in room 2093 of the Earth Sciences Centre, 22 Russell Street. Most talks are scheduled to start at NOON however, some Special Seminars will have other start times.  Please check the schedule or event calendar!



ES Seminars Schedule 2018 – 2019

Time: Noon (unless otherwise stated)

Pace: ES2093 “Seminar Room”

Date Speaker Host Title
20 September 2018 J. Westgate, H. Halls & M. Gorton University of Toronto   Bandelier Tuff (1.24 Ma) from the Valles caldera in New Mexico identified in southern Saskatchewan: a career-long problem solved 
4 October 2018 Shauna Morrison Carnegie Institution Dan Gregory Advanced Analytical and Visualization Applications in Mineral Systems
10 October 2018

Joseph Kirschvink Caltech

  An Archean Origin of Earth’s Magnetic Biosphere: From the magnetotactic bacteria to the human brain
11 October 2018 Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez University of Alberta Melissa Anderson Fluid evolution in magmatic hydrothermal systems
17 October 2018 Patrick Launeau Université de Nantes Pierre Robin Monitoring shifting sands and low-growing vegetation in shallow turbid coastal water with LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) and hyperspectral imagery
1 November 2018 Kennedy Doro FUGRO Consult GmbH Charly Bank

Modern Field Investigation Techniques for Environmental and Mining Applications

15 November 2018 John Thompson Cornell University and PetraScience Consultants Russ Pysklywec Metal demand, mineral deposits and sustainability
6 December 2018 John Spray Planetary and Space Science Centre University of New Brunswick   Hypervelocity impact effects on Earth: Past, present and future
 17 January 2019

Eva Stueken St. Andrews University

Dan Gregory Interrogating the early signs of life on land
 7 February 2019 John Weber Grand Valley State University  Ed Spooner

Trinidad-Tobago neotectonics: geodetic measurements, fault creep, fault reactivation, and tectonic geomorphology

21 February 2109
   NEW DATE!   

Nagissa Mahmoudi McGill University  Bridget Bergquist Microbial controls on biogeochemical carbon cycling in marine sediments
14 March 2019 Carolyn Crow University of Colorado at Boulder Becky Ghent
11 April 2019

Lijun Liu University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Qinya Liu

How stable are continental cratons? Insight from the western Gondwan



Other Seminars

KEGS Seminars are held in the Seminar Room – ES2093 during the regular term

Walker Mineralogical Club meets in ES2093 monthly.

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