Research Opportunities


A list of current graduate and post-graduate research opportunities, listed by title. 

 NOTE:  If you do not receive a response from faculty members it is likely they are not looking for students at this time.

Arctic Paleoclimatology

A Ph.D. position is available for a project using coralline algal geochemistry to study paleoclimates and sea-ice change in the Arctic. Students with a background in Geoscience, Bioscience or Climate Physics …


Development of molecular markers for the study of carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry

Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology

A graduate research assistantship is available to pursue research in microorganism– mineral interactions…

Climate and Tectonics in the Andes

A highly motivated PhD student is sought to work with Lindsay Schoenbohm on tectonic geomorphology  in the Puna Plateau of Northwest Argentina.

Cretaceous Paleoceanography

The Early Createcous is characterized by major changes in the global carbon and sulfur cycles. This project aims to better understand these changes and to explore the potential interdependencies…. 

Environmental Geoscience: Areal extent and carbon storage in pre-settlement wetlands of the Great Lakes region

Prospective PhD student would develop robust estimates of the extent of pre-disturbance wetlands and their capacity for carbon storage…

Environmental Geoscience: Geochemistry of deep crustal fluids

Studies of the origin, residence times and geochemical signatures of deep crustal fluids…

Environmental Geoscience: Studies of  hydrocarbon contaminants in groundwater

Studies of hydrocarbon contaminants in groundwater using field, laboratory, and modelling…

Meteoritics: Martian meteorite research

Looking for several students at the MSc. and PhD. levels to work on projects to expand our observations of the mineralogical constituents of extraterrestrial samples….

Ore Deposits

M.Sc. thesis project on rhenium in porphyry-type ore deposits – starting June 2018 

Pacific Paleoceanography

One or two PhD studentship is available in the field of Plio-Pleistocene dinoflagellate cysts and Pacific paleoceanography …

Peatland paleoecology

One graduate student position is available for research on paleoecology of temperate or boreal/sub-arctic peatlands using microfossil indicators and reconstructions of carbon fluxes over the Holocene and Pleistocene Epochs. Applicants should have a degree in Earth Science, Physical Geography, Environmental Science, Ecology or related discipline and applicable research experience. Contact Prof S. Finkelstein (

Tracking Atmospheric Mercury Sources by Isotopic Fingerprinting

The long-term goal of the Bergquist research program is to use Hg isotopes in improve our understanding of the Hg biogeochemical cycle and to develop Hg isotopes as a proxy of past environmental changes. Professors B.A. Bergquist and B. Sherwood Lollar.

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