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Research Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Roger E. Deane Postdoctoral Fellowship in any field of the Earth sciences. This competition is currently closed.

Postdoctoral Position – Stable Isotope Lab

Graduate Studies

A list of current graduate and post-graduate research opportunities, listed by title. 

 NOTE:  If you do not receive a response from faculty members it is likely they are not looking for students at this time.

Arctic Geodynamics

Graduate research opportunities are available in understanding the evolution of the Arctic through high performance computing.

Arctic Paleoclimatology

A Ph.D. position is available for a project using coralline algal geochemistry to study paleoclimates and sea-ice change in the Arctic. Students with a background in Geoscience, Bioscience or Climate Physics …


Development of molecular markers for the study of carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry

Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology

A graduate research assistantship is available to pursue research in microorganism– mineral interactions…

Chemical Oceanography/Earth System Science/Paleoceanography: Explore Earth’s Biogeochemical Cycles!

We seek a motivated individual with a background in Paleoceanography, Chemical Oceanography, or Earth System sciences for an exciting PhD position…

Climate and Tectonics

Highly motivated PhD students are sought to work on landscape evolution and tectonics problems around the world.

Computational Seismology

Graduate research opportunities are available in the area of computational seismology with applications to full-waveform inversions of continental-scale and regional scale tectonic structures, as well as microseismic and induced earthquake source characterizations. Contact Prof. Qinya Liu (liuqy@physics.utoronto.ca)

Environmental Geophysics

Looking for motivated graduate students to work on environmental geophysics projects related to cryosphere (e.g., permafrost dynamics, lake ice properties, and snow hydrology) and groundwater processes…

Environmental Geoscience: Geochemistry of deep crustal fluids

Studies of the origin, residence times and geochemical signatures of deep crustal fluids…

Environmental Geoscience: Studies of  hydrocarbon contaminants in groundwater

Studies of hydrocarbon contaminants in groundwater using field, laboratory, and modelling…

Experimental Petrology

Graduate research opportunities in the area of experimental petrology/magmatic salts for both PhD and Masters students …

Isotope geochemistry and igneous petrology

PhD and masters students will work at the intersection of isotope geochemistry and experimental petrology. Students will simulate magmatic conditions in the experimental petrology laboratory and analyze the textural, chemical, and isotopic compositions of the experimental run-products...

Mantle Dynamics of Supercontinent Formation

Graduate research opportunities are available in understanding the impact of the formation of a supercontinent on our planet

Marine Geology/Paleoceanography

Do you have a Marine Geology/Oceanography/Paleoceanography background, an interest in data science/modeling? Are you looking for M.Sc. or a Ph.D. project? I mainly use python based models to understand how changes in the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and sulfur affect ocean chemistry. My group tackles questions like, how do glacial/interglacial sea-level changes affect marine productivity? How does climate change affect oxygen availability in the ocean? See https://www.es.utoronto.ca/people/faculty/wortmann-ulrich/ for recent papers and recorded talks. My research team is a small, welcoming group committed to the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  All positions are fully funded.

Peatland paleoecology

One graduate student position is available for research on paleoecology of temperate or boreal/sub-arctic peatlands using microfossil indicators and reconstructions of carbon fluxes over the Holocene and Pleistocene Epochs. Applicants should have a degree in Earth Science, Physical Geography, Environmental Science, Ecology or related discipline and applicable research experience. Contact Prof S. Finkelstein (finkelstein@es.utoronto.ca)

Planetary Science – Meteorites

Looking for motivated graduate students to work on mineralogical and geochemical projects related to martian meteorites, rare achondrites and carbonaceous chondrite projects. Carbonaceous chondrite projects are preparing for the OSIRIS-REx mission to return material from Bennu. Contact Prof. K. Tait (ktait@rom.on.ca

Tectonic unravelling of oroclines

An MSc research opportunity is available to unravel the elusive mechanism involved in the formation of oroclines.

The potential impact of deep intraplate earthquakes  

Graduate research opportunities are available in understanding the impact of earthquakes away from plate boundaries (intraplate)….

Tracking Atmospheric Mercury Sources by Isotopic Fingerprinting

The long-term goal of the Bergquist research program is to use Hg isotopes in improve our understanding of the Hg biogeochemical cycle and to develop Hg isotopes as a proxy of past environmental changes. Professors B.A. Bergquist and B. Sherwood Lollar.