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Sarah Finkelstein

photo of sarah finklestein


PhD University of Toronto (2004)
MPhil University of Cambridge, UK (1999)
AB Princeton University (1998)

Phone:     (416) 978-5613
Location: Office, 3129 Earth Sciences Centre;
Lab: ES4088
Email:  sarah.finkelstein@utoronto.ca

President, Canadian Quaternary Association (2013-2015)


Research Interests

The research in my group focuses on the recovery and analysis of paleoenvironmental records. These rich archives provide information on past climates, and allow a deeper understanding of how ecosystems respond to environmental change. Our projects incorporate both field and lab work to study lake and wetland sediment records, using a variety of physical, geochemical and biological techniques. For more details on our research program and specific projects, please visit:


Selected recent publications (* are student or post-doc co-authors)

(for a complete list, please see: http://utpaleolab.wordpress..com/publications/)


Packalen MS*, Finkelstein SA, McLaughlin JM. 2014. Carbon storage and potential methane production in the Hudson Bay Lowlands since mid-Holocene peat initiation. Nature Communications 5: 4078. doi: 10.1038/ncomms5078


Finkelstein SA, Bunbury J, Gajewski K, Wolfe AP, Adams JK*, Devlin J*. 2014. Evaluating diatom-inferred Holocene pH reconstructions for arctic lakes derived from an expanded 171-lake training set. Journal of Quaternary Science 29(3): 249-260


Bunbury J*, Finkelstein SA, Bollmann J. 2012. A testate amoeba record of Holocene hydroclimatic change from a peat bog in the Attawapiskat River watershed, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada. Quaternary Research 78: 275-284


Finkelstein SA, Cowling SA. 2011. Wetlands, temperature, atmospheric CO2 and CH4 coupling over the past two millennia. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 25, GB1002, doi:10.1029/2010GB003887