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Corliss Kin I Sio

corliss sio


Assistant Professor 
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto

B.S. Geology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008

Ph.D. Geophyiscal Sciences, University of Chicago, 2014


Personal website: https://corlisskinisio.com/





My research lies at the intersection of experimental petrology and isotope geochemistry. My group will establish authoritative use of non-traditional stable isotopes as a tool for petrologic studies, with a focus on improving our understanding of planetary formation and the inner workings of active volcanoes. Non-traditional stable isotopes are stable isotopes of elements other than C, H, O, N, and S. They are powerful discriminators of equilibrium versus kinetic signatures, adding a dimension to petrologic studies that can illuminate processes where chemical analyses have been unable to yield a conclusive interpretation. Sound interpretations of the isotopic signatures observed in nature require experimental calibrations, which are still lacking in this rapidly advancing field. My research program will provide these much-needed experimental data to enable robust use of non-traditional stable isotopes as a tool for petrologic studies.

I am actively recruiting PhD and masters students. If you are interested in joining my group, please contact me at corliss.sio@utoronto.ca. Note that our department does not accept international masters students.