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Jörg Bollmann

bollmanAssociate Professor

University of Toronto
Department of Earth Sciences

22 Ursula Franklin St., Toronto
Ontario, Canada M5S 3B1

Tel.: 416 978 2061
Fax.: 416 978 3938
e-mail: jorg.bollmann@utoronto.ca



Ph.D. 1995: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Geology); Biogeography and morphological variation of the genus Gephyrocapsa (Prymnesiophyceae) today and during its late Pleistocene dominance interval. Supervised by Prof. H. R. Thierstein, Prof. Katharina von Salis and Prof. Peter Westbroek

Diploma 1990: Free University of Berlin, Germany (Geology and Paleontology); “Faziesanalyse pelagischer Kalke aus der tiefen Oberkreide von Hilter/Hankenberge a. T.W.; Teil II: Mittelturon bis Oberturon.” supervised by Prof. G. Ernst and Prof. J. Reitner.

Research Interest

My research interest is a more rigorous understanding of the relationships between the geosphere and the biosphere and their variability during the history of our planet. My research focus is Marine Geo-biology, particularly the history of the global oceans including paleo-ecology, paleo-biogeography and the evolution of calcareous marine microorganisms. In addition, I am developing innovative methods especially fully automated microscopes for identification, counting and morphometry of calcareous microorganisms.

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