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Job Opportunity: Full-time faculty position in Mineral Systems

Looking for a Graduate Studies Research Opportunity? Check out the available projects. We are accepting applications!

Congratulations to alumna Jennifer McKelvie, newly appointed Deputy Mayor of Toronto.

We’re Hiring! Employment Opportunity: Assistant Professor – Near Surface Geophysics.

In Memoriam: Professor Barbara Murck, an alumna of our department, and a professor at UTM, is remembered as a wonderful colleague and friend to many.


Barbara MurkBarbara Murck, a professor in the UTM Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment passed away on October 15, 2022. She was an alumna of our department, receiving her PhD in 1986, and taught in the department for more than a decade before her appointment at UTM. 

tribute to Barb is posted on the UTM website and an online memorial board is available to share memories (click here).

Professors Corliss Sio and Neil Bennett’s research is featured at A&S News: Earth Sciences researchers probe the origin of the ‘most beautiful meteorites’

A Research Poster Party is happening on Friday September 16th on the 4th Floor!


Visit the 4th floor corridor at 3:00pm to talk with students about the research they’ve presented at conferences over the past two years.

Safety Day for Earth Sciences members is on Tuesday September 11, 2022 at noon.

Professor Miriam Diamond is one of five U of T Arts & Science scholars named Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

The Earth’s crust has been ‘dripping’ beneath the Andes Mountains for millions of years: Researchers

Geoscientists confirm millions-year-old dripping of Earth’s lithosphere beneath Andes Mountains