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Key Contacts

Department of Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences Centre
22 Ursula Franklin Street. (formerly Russell St.)
Main Office: Rm 1066
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3B1
Voice +1 416 978 3022

Email us at: welcome@es.utoronto.ca

Chair of Earth Sciences   Sarah Finkelstein   chair@es.utoronto.ca  
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies   Miriam Diamond   gradchair@es.utoronto.ca  
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies    Charly Bank   undergradchair@es.utoronto.ca  
Reception and General Enquiries   Riaz Ahmed   welcome@es.utoronto.ca  
Administrative Assistant to the Chair   Ampy Tolentino   geol_sec@es.utoronto.ca  
Graduate Studies Enquiries   Scott Moore   grad@es.utoronto.ca  
Undergraduate Studies Enquiries   Scott Moore   ugrad@es.utoronto.ca  

The Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences at The University of Toronto at Mississauga

The Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences is located at The University of Toronto at Scarborough.