Check this page regularly for the Earth Sciences Seminar Series schedule as well as Special Seminars hosted by the Department.

All seminars are in room 2093 of the Earth Sciences Centre, 22 Russell Street.
Most talks are scheduled to start at NOON however, some Special Seminars will have other start times.  Please check the schedule or event calendar!



Day Date Time Speaker Title or Subject
Tuesday 15-Nov-2016 400pm – 5:00pm
Dr Phil Heron,
University of Toronto
Exploring Plate Tectonic Theory: Role of the Mantle Lithosphere
Thursday 17-Nov-2016 noon

Laurie Weston Bellman,
Canadian Discovery Ltd, Calgary

2016-17 CSEG Distinguished Lecture

Title: Data Integration and Interpretation from a Seismic Perspective – The Excitement of Innovation

Thursday 09-Feb-2017 Noon

Dr. Rebecca Jamieson,
Dalhousie University

How do large hot orogens work? Lessons from the mid-crust

Thursday 23-Feb-2017 Noon

Dr. Jacob Hanley,
St. Mary’s University

The formation of ultra-high grade uranium-slver (Cobolt-type) deposits by the oxidation of petroleum from basianl brines

Tuesday 21-Mar-2017 4:00pm

A.W. Frederiksen
University of Manitoba

Crust and lithosphere of the mid-continent: tectonic domains and novel seismic imaging techniques

Thursday 23-March-2017 Noon

Dr. Arthur Spivack,
University of Rhode Island

Glacial PCO2 and Nutrients



Other Seminars

Geophysics Seminar List-2016

TILT Seminars are typically held on Fridays at Noon in room 2119 during the regular term

KEGS Seminars are held in the Seminar Room – ES2093 during the regular term

Walker Mineralogical Club meets in ES2093 monthly.

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