Caron, Jean-Bernard

Associate Professor
cross appointed from the ROM

University of Toronto
Department of Earth Sciences

Royal Ontario Museum

Tel.:  416 586 5593 ext. #1



Systematic paleontology, quantitative community analysis and paleoecology of the “Cambrian Explosion.”The “Cambrian Explosion” is arguably one of the most important evolutionary events in the history of life with the appearance of most animal groups. The explosion of bilaterians, representing most animals, is only well documented in the fossil record in Cambrian rocks starting 530 Ma.

I am particularly interested in better understanding the ecology (structure and functioning), diversity, and evolution of the first complex bentho-pelagic marine ecosystems derived from the “Cambrian Explosion.”

Odontogriphus omalus
Odontogriphus omalus a putative early stem-group mollusc. © Caron et al. Nature – 2006 Rights Reserved

My study focuses on exceptional fossil deposits for the preservation (mostly non-biomineralized organisms), abundance and diversity of organisms: these include principally the Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian, Canada ), and the Chengjiang biota (Lower Cambrian, China ).

The Royal Ontario Museum possesses the largest collection of Burgess Shale material in the world with over 150,000 specimens. This collection forms an important basis for my research.

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