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Undergraduate Student Job Opportunity – Junior Assistantship in Field-Based Structural Geology (2020-21): Call for Applications


     Together with a junior assistant (second-year or third-year undergraduate student), Professor W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner expects to continue his field-based geological research in 2020–21. This is a call for applications for next year’s junior assistantship (application deadline: March 1, 2020). Please note that candidates for the assistantship must have a G2 or Full G Driver’s License valid in Ontario by May 23, 2020 – the earliest possible starting date of the geological field work.

     Because of budget uncertainties, the guaranteed minimum length of geological field work will be 3.5 weeks. In recent summers, however, assistants to Fried Schwerdtner have generally worked longer than four weeks in the field (Grenville Province of Ontario). The 2020 field season will start on a Saturday in late May and continue in June and possibly also in early July.

      During the subsequent university session (fall and spring terms of 2020–21), the junior assistant will have regular opportunities to participate in data processing, preparation of detailed geological drawings and charts, computer-based map making, and preliminary structural/tectonic interpretation (typically 1-3 hrs. per week), for which he/she will be paid by the hour. The weekly and hourly pay of the junior assistant will be determined in accordance with the 2020 salary formula for summer assistants of the Ontario Geological Survey.  This formula will be finalized by April, 2020, but may not differ markedly from that for 2019.

     For details about Schwerdtner’s research interests and those of his coworkers, please go to the websites of (i) the Department of Earth Sciences https://www.es.utoronto.ca, and (ii) the Canadian Tectonics Group (CTG), Geological Association of Canada http://www.canadiantectonicsgroup.ca, where you need to click on ‘field trips’ to read the Program-with-Abstracts and the Field Guide of the 2016 CTG Workshop (also known as Muskoka 2016).

     Please send further inquiries and/or your informal application, including a personal résumé, to fried.schwerdtner@utoronto.ca, prior to March 1, 2020.


W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner

Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Earth Sciences Centre, Room 2127

Office Tel. (416) 978-5080

Home Tel. (416) 284-6269