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Student Field Assistantship Opportunity in Structural Geology – Summer 2023


Assistantship in Structural Geology (2023-24): Call for Applications

Together with a junior assistant (second-, third- or fourth-year undergraduate student), Professor W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner expects to continue his field-based geological research in 2023-24. Applicants for the 2023-24 assistantship must have a full driver’s license valid throughout Ontario. Because of budget uncertainties, the guaranteed minimum length of geological field work will be 2.5 weeks in late May, June and/or July. In past years, however, junior assistants to Fried have generally worked longer than 2.5 weeks in the field (Grenville Province of Ontario).

The 2023 field season will start on May 20 but will have breaks during June and/or July. The timing of field work will be highly flexible, depending on the schedule of the person who wins the research assistantship. During the next university session (fall and spring terms of 2023-24), the junior assistant will have opportunities to participate in the computer-based data processing and map making (typically 3-5 hrs. per week) and will be paid by the hour. The weekly and hourly pay of the junior assistant will be determined on the basis of the 2023-24 salary formula for summer assistants of the Ontario Geological Survey. For details about senior collaborators and the principal objectives of the ongoing field-based research, please visit the website of the Department of Earth Sciences https://www.es.utoronto.ca and read the paragraphs outlining Schwerdtner’s research interests. Please send further inquiries and/or your informal application, including a personal résumé, to fried.schwerdtner@utoronto.ca, prior to March 1, 2023.

W.M. (Fried) Schwerdtner Professor Emeritus Earth Sciences Centre, Room 4090; Home Tel. #: (416) 284-6269.