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Steven D. Scott – Career highlights in the news

STEVE SCOTT (1941 – 2019)    

This page provides links to a collection of news articles scanned from a wide range of newspapers, magazines and reports that feature the research work, scientific outreach activities and adventures of Steve Scott, his students and colleagues around the world in their quest to understand seafloor hydrothermal vents, the potential for ocean floor ore deposit mining and some interesting discoveries of new life forms that happened along the way!

SDS Macleans 1981

Canadian Science May 10 1984

Globe and Mail Feb 1 1982

Gov of Canada news release Aug 28 1984

Globe and Mail June 5 1984

London Free Press – Tor Star

New York Times January 1982

Northern Miner March 1997

Ottawa Citizen April 1990

U of T Bulletin Aug 20 1984

U of T Magazine summer 1990

This page will be updated with additional links as articles are discovered and scanned.

Steve will forever be remembered for his passionate commitments to science, students, teaching, collaborators, colleagues and family. He will always be remembered for the exceptional research of himself and his research group on seafloor “black smokers”, and their sulphide products, on on-land volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits and in the field of experimental geochemistry. He gave and supported, financially and scientifically, truly incredible research opportunities for at least 13 postdoctoral fellows, 24 Ph.D. students, 20 Master’s students and 26 Bachelor’s students. Thus he helped 83 people and more.

The quality of the research published (e.g. >318 refereed journal and conference publications) and the hard working quality of his students, post-docs and research associates brought great profile to the Department of Geology/Earth Sciences and to the University of Toronto. Steve was also a passionate and greatly respected Canadian, as his many honours show.