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SimPLE Lab: Simulating Planets Like Earth


SimPLE Lab: Simulating Planets Like Earth

a furnace in a lab

Deltech bottom loading furnace

SimPLE Lab at the University of Toronto uses high temperature and pressure experimental techniques to recreate conditions on Earth and other planetary bodies. By accessing the high-temperatures and pressures associated with planetary interiors, we can study the physical and chemical processes that lead to the diverse planetary evolutions we observe. Recent experiments in the lab have been used to: constrain the diffusion of elements during metamorphic events, unravel the early stages of planet building, and understand how critical metals are concentrated in ore bodies. 

Alongside questions in Earth Science, the equipment we maintain is also used for high temperature and pressure material syntheses, permitting investigations into novel materials with wide-ranging applications. We encourage collaboration and would be happy to discuss how the lab might benefit your project. For more information, please contact either neil.bennett@utoronto.ca or xu.chu@utoronto.ca.

Currently, we maintain the following high temperature and pressure equipment:

We also maintain a variety of sample preparation and recovery equipment, including: