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Day Date Time Speaker Title or Subject
Thursday 18-Sep-14 noon Miriam Diamond,
University of Toronto
What have we learned (or not learned) about controlling persistent   toxic chemicals?
Thursday 9-Oct-14 noon Bill Bottke,
Southwest Research
Exploring the Early Bombardment of the Solar System
Thursday 16-Oct-14 noon Randell Stephenson,
University of Aberdeen
Crustal structure of Ellesmere Island (Eurekan Orogen) integrated with a regional geological cross-section
Thursday 20-Nov-14 noon Katherine Kelley,
University of Rhode Island
Redox conditions of basaltic magmas and the Earth’s interior
Thursday 27-Nov-14 noon Quentin Crowley,
Trinity College Dublin
Archean Atmospheric Oxygenation: Towards a Unifying Model
Thursday 4-Dec-14 noon Tony Withers,
Western University
Earth exhales: a volatile history
Thursday 15-Jan-15 noon Marc Laflamme,
University of Toronto
The Ediacara biota and the dawn of animal life
Thursday 22-Jan-15 noon Jens Kallmeyer,
GFZ German Research
Centre for Geosciences
What controls abundance and activity of microbial life in subsurface sediments? New insights from scientific drilling
Thursday 5-Feb-15 noon Ariel Anbar,
University of Arizona
Heavy Metal Madness: Promise, Pitfalls, and Progress in the Development of the Uranium Isotope Paleoredox Proxy
Thursday 12-Feb-15 noon Jean Bedard,
Geological Survey of Canada
Continental drift on subductionless stagnant lid planets, the Archaean Earth and Venus
Thursday 5-Mar-15 noon Chris Glein,
University of Toronto
Liquids in the Saturn system: The curious cases of Titan and Enceladus
Wednesday 25-Mar-15 noon Colleen Hansel,
Making and breaking Minerals: Microbes as single-celled geochemists