SEM and XRD Laboratories



The departmental SEM is a JEOL machine, model  6610LV. The 6610LV has the usual SEI Scintillator detector and BSEI diode detectors.  Spatial resolution of the 6610LV using SE imaging can be as small as 50 nanometers or less, or a magnification of 60,000 or more. Yet the 6610LV has a large chamber and can accommodate  specimens as large as 10X10X6 cm3. The 6610LV can also be operated under low vacuum conditions which allows users to characterize uncoated samples. For high vacuum operation the department has the facilities to either carbon coat or gold coat the samples. Facilities for sample preparation for SEM analysis such as polished mounts or polished sections are also available.  

X-ray analysis, using an EDS  (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) system,  is also attached to the 6610LV Microscope. This EDS system is made by Oxford Instruments and uses their INCA data acquisition software application. The detector is an SDD (Silicon Drift Detector), capable of  high count rates and good energy resolution.

In addition to the EDS system, the 6610LV Microscope has a Monochromatic Cathodoluminescence Imaging system By Gatan attached to it, commonly referred to as a MiniCL. This MiniCl system is sensitive to luminescence from most geological specimens, and the detector is positioned close to the specimen boosting detection efficiency.