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Check this page regularly for the Earth Sciences Seminar Series schedule as well as Special Seminars hosted by the Department.

All seminars are scheduled to begin at NOON in room 2093 of the Earth Sciences Centre, 22 Russell Street.

Questions?  Contact welcome@es.utoronto.ca

Day Date Time Speaker Title or Subject
Thursday 17-Sep-2015 noon Alexandra Tsay,
University of Toronto
Mass transfer and recycling in subduction zones: experimental constraints on the mobility of major and trace elements upon slab dehydration
Thursday 15-Oct-2015 noon Liisa Jantunen,
Environment Canada
Organophosphate Ester Flame Retardants and Plasticizers in the Canadian Environment
Thursday 29-Oct-2015 noon John Greenough
UBC (Okanagan Campus)
Multidimensional Geochemical Space – The Last Frontier: Boldly Exploring, with MDS, Where No One Has Gone Before
Thursday 12-Nov-2015 noon Claire Currie,
University of Alberta
Recycling the Andes: Geodynamic studies of lithosphere removal
 Wednesday  18-Nov-2015  noon

 Grant Wach
Dalhousie University

 CSPG Distinguished Lecture Tour
Title:  Burning Rocks: The History of the Petroleum Industry in Canada & the Maritimes
Thursday 14-Jan-2016 noon Kamini Singha,
Colorado School of Mines
Peering into the black box: Quantifying “anomalous” solute transport with electrical geophysics
Thursday 17-Mar-2016 noon Adina Paytan,
University of California,
Santa Cruz
Methane transport through groundwater to the atmosphere in the Arctic
Thursday 31-March-2016 noon Anna Martini,
Amherst College
Unraveling the Sources of Methane: New AInsights from Isotopologues
Thursday 7-Apr-2016 noon Peter DeCelles,
University of Arizona
New constraints on the timing of India-Asia collision

Other Seminars

Geophysics Seminar Series and related Geophysics Presentations 2015-2016

TILT Seminars are typically held on Fridays at Noon in room 2119 during the regular term

KEGS Seminars are held in the Seminar Room – ES2093 during the regular term

Walker Mineralogical Club meets in ES2093 monthly.