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Research Opportunity Program (ESS299Y1)

Through the ROP, students early in their academic careers have an opportunity to become involved in original research. They can expect to learn research methods and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge while earning course credit toward their degree and program requirements. Also, students develop continuing relationships with faculty members who can act as mentors during their undergraduate years and assist them in applications to graduate schools or professional faculties. Professors benefit from the help and enthusiasm of specifically selected students.To apply, select a project in which you would like to work and fill in an ROP application form. Deposit the completed form(s) in the Research Opportunity Program Office, Room 1067, Sidney Smith Hall by March 12.

Independent Experiential Study Project (ESS398H0/399Y)

An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. The practical component can take the form of research under the supervision of a faculty member in archives, laboratories, libraries, or in a field camp. Details of individual 399Y projects will be available in the Program office after February 1st. 

Fourth Year Research Project (ESS491H1/ ESS492Y)

Laboratory research emphasizing methods and experimental techniques applicable to geology. Students must obtain the consent of an instructor and register with the Undergraduate Coordinator before enrolling and are urged to do so toward the end of their third year. Students are required to give an oral presentation of research results to an open meeting of the Department.

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