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Undergraduate Programs

photo of undergraduate students in field

The department has several undergraduate programs offering exceptional learning experiences enriched by the research activities of faculty members.

Programs are not selected until the end of your first year or after completing four credits.

Degree programmes: Bachelor of Science

Check out our new undergraduate program in Earth & Environmental Systems!

Geology Specialist
Students wishing to pursue an intensive study of geology with the goal of graduate research or entering the mining, oil, and energy sectors are encouraged to enroll in the specialist program*. There are a number of choices through collaborative programs with other departments including:

Environmental Geosciences


Geology Major
If you want to concentrate on geology but either less instensively than those in the specialist program or in conjuction with any other topic you should enroll in either of the environmental geosciences or the geology major programs

Geology Minor
If you want to study geology as part of your general education, or to supplement studies in a different area, you should enroll in the minor program.

Graduate Programs

*Most of our undergraduate students in a specialist program plan to work as a professional geoscientists. This requires professional registration, and in our program this is regulated by the Association of Professional Geoscientists in Ontario, see http://www.apgo.net/student-req.htm or page 6 of the Undergraduate Handbook for information on APGO requirements.