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ERS 325/ESS 234 Field Camp 1: Whitefish Falls


Introduction to Geological Field Methods

May 3rd – May 14th, 2019

Cost: $500

Registration deadline: March 28th



· St. George Campus Students:      ESS222, ESS241
· Mississauga Students:                  ERS201, ERS202, ERS203

The Whitefish Falls field camp exposes you to an exciting variety of geological phenomena—from asteroid impacts to submarine volcanoes, and rocks covering the history of planet Earth from the early days without oxygen up to the latest ice age. The field camp is held in Whitefish Falls, one of Ontario’s most scenic areas. Field trip days include an excursion across the fossil-rich Paleozoic carbonate rocks of Manitoulin Island. In the Whitefish Falls area, you will conduct several independent and group projects, including a multi-day mapping exercise; all course work will be finished before we return to Toronto.

The cost includes transportation to and from Whitefish Falls and accommodation at the camp but does not include the cost of food nor does it cover the course fees charged by the Office of the Registrar. Transportation to and from the camp will be by a coach that departs on the first day from the UTM Campus at 7:30 AM and from the St. George Campus at 8:30 AM. We will return to Toronto in the evening hours of the final day.

We will be staying in cabins at Bay Villa Lodge, Whitefish Falls. All bedding, cooking utensils and dishes are supplied. Each cabin has running water, a flush toilet, and shower. You must bring your own towels. Four to six people share each cabin. You will be responsible for preparing your own meals. There will be an opportunity to shop for provisions on the day of arrival and at several other times over the duration of the camp.

You will be provided with appropriate geological equipment, but you are expected to bring your own hand lens, geological hammer and drafting equipment. We will be spending each day out-of-doors; temperatures can range from below zero to above 35º C. Bring a full rain suit, comfortable work or hiking boots which cover the ankles, warm clothes, a sun hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent as well as casual clothes for around camp. An information session will be provided on each campus ahead of the field school.

Places are limited, preference will be given to students who need this course to graduate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Xu Chu (xu.chu@utoronto.ca) and Paul Ashwell (paul.ashwell@utoronto.ca).

Print out the registration and consent forms, fill them out, then submit them to either Scott Moore (ESC 1066; St. George students) or Sheila Ballantyne (DV-2056; UTM students only).

St. George Students: Scott Moore will register you on ROSI once your forms and fees have been received

UTM Students: Please register on ROSI, and you will remain as INTerim status until all the registration package is completed, then a UTM administrator will change your “status” to APProved.

Payment is by money order, certified cheque (payable to University of Toronto) or cash.

No personal cheques will be accepted.

All payments must be received by the registration deadline