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ESS 420 Benny Field School

ESS 420 is an advanced mapping field course held in the Benny Greenstone Belt northwest of Sudbury.  It will run from Monday May 2 to Sunday May 15.  Students wishing to take this course must apply to Scott Moore, who will register you on ROSI after you have read the required materials regarding safety in the field and have signed a waiver.  There is an additional course fee of $400 to be paid to Scott by certified check, money order or cash no later than 4 pm March 25, 2016.  The additional fee is used to cover your accommodation at the Lake Onaping Lodge.  In addition to this course fee, you are expected to bring enough money along to pay for your groceries and entertainment needs during the two-week course. Facilities will be provided for storing and cooking food, and we will make occasional trips into town to buy groceries and other essential supplies.

The deadline for registration and payment of the additional course fee of $400 is March 25.

Further information is available from Prof. Zoltan Zajacz


Office ESC 2122
Tel 416 946 0278