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There are different ways to look at the departmental course offerings:

  1. The Official Arts and Science Calendar. This is the authoritative source, telling you what courses are offered, and what prerequisites they require. However, this document won’t tell you whether a given course is actually being offered.
  2. Use the Arts & Science time-table. This tool allows you to look up which courses are being offered in a given term, but won’t tell you about those which are not offered. Note, you have to enter the name of our Department to use this tool.
  3. Check below for information related to special topics course titles.


Special Topics Courses Offered in 2020/21:

ESS481H1S: Advanced Topics in Earth Science – Geology of North America (U. Wortmann)

This will be a seminar-style course in the spring term, which explores the evolution of Laurentia from the breakup of Rodinia to the modern-day erosion of the Colorado plateau. 

The course will be offered on Mondays from 12-2.



Undergrad Thesis Presentations 2021 Extended Abstracts