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Tectonic unravelling of oroclines


An orocline is a large-scale bend (or curvature) of an orogenic (mountain building) belt.  The geological discovery of such bending of mountain belts was key to understanding the evolution of continents, and indeed of the theory of plate tectonics itself. However, the fundamental mechanics of orocline formation are not well constrained. This project seeks an MSc student to test potential theories and mechanism through high performance computing.  The successful applicant will work alongside domestic and international collaborators which include the University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Granada (Spain).

For more information, please contact Prof. Phil Heron (http://www.philheron.com/). The overall goal of the research group is to make graduate students employable. Graduate training with this project includes becoming an expert in a (highly employable) transferable skill (e.g., computational simulations) and also to be able to effectively communicate to diverse audiences.