Meteoritics: Martian meteorite research

Looking for several students at the MSc. and PhD. levels to work on projects to expand our observations of the mineralogical constituents of extraterrestrial samples, using modern methods of chemical and structural analysis and use that information to constrain their petrological history,particularly Mars.

This is an exciting time to be studying Mars. With the Mars Science Laboratory currently working on the planet and several planned missions to Mars over the next decade, there will be a great need to understand its complex geological history. The ROM currently has 15 of 67 distinct Martian meteorites (5 main masses, including 2.98 kg NWA 7042) and access to several more via collaborators and our donor. The ROM has samples from all chemical classes of martian meteorites, which is unprecedented in terms of access and availability.

Several projects including Raman spectroscopy of components of martian meteorites, phosphate mineralogy of martian meteorites,micro structural analyses of minerals in martian meteorites using EBSD/FEG-SEMare of particular priority at the moment.

Please contact for more information.

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