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Isotope geochemistry and igneous petrology


PhD and masters students will work at the intersection of isotope geochemistry and experimental petrology. Students will simulate magmatic conditions in the experimental petrology laboratory and analyze the textural, chemical, and isotopic compositions of the experimental run-products. These experiments will yield fundamental knowledge of the controlling factors that cause chemical and isotopic variations in minerals and rocks. Experimental data will be used to interpret variations observed in nature, through which conclusions about planetary formation and magma movement in active volcanoes will be drawn. Students will have the chance to develop analytical protocols for in-situ isotopic analyses using femtosecond laser ablation MC-ICPMS – a cutting-edge analytical technique that will be unique in Canada.

For more information, contact Professor Corliss Kin I Sio (corliss.sio@utoronto.cahttps://corlisskinisio.com/). Please note that our department does not accept international masters students.