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Arctic Geodynamics


The Arctic region has been geologically active for the last 500+ Myr, with repeated opening and destruction of oceans alongside massive intrusive and extrusive volcanic and magmatic events. Although repeated episodes of rifting have been documented in the region, a fundamental understanding of the geodynamic processes involved is lacking. This project seeks motivated students to produce, for the first time, detailed numerical simulations of the tectonic evolution of the Arctic Ocean from first principles. The successful applicant will work on this high-profile project alongside international collaborators from the University of Oslo (Norway) and Durham University (UK).

For more information, please contact Prof. Phil Heron (http://www.philheron.com/). The overall goal of the research group is to make graduate students employable. Graduate training with this project includes becoming an expert in a (highly employable) transferable skill (e.g., computational simulations) and also to be able to effectively communicate to diverse audiences.