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Guaranteed Funding

Students admitted for graduate study in Earth Sciences are guaranteed funding for their programs:
  • one year for students admitted to the research (i.e., doctoral stream) M.Sc. program, or the M.A.Sc. program
  • four years for students admitted to the Ph.D. program after completion of a M.Sc. or M.A.Sc.
  • five years for students admitted directly to the Ph.D. program after completion of a B.Sc. or B.A.Sc.
The funding consists of a base stipend of $20,500 per year plus an amount to cover tuition and fees. In many cases, the individual supervisor of the graduate student will provide extra financial support on top of the guaranteed minimum. In 2022/23 our funded graduate students received an average of roughly $27,000 plus tuition and fees.

More information on funding for graduate students can be found on the website of the Faculty of Arts and Science

Funding Sources

The guaranteed funding package of each student is derived typically from a number of sources including external awards such as NSERC or OGS scholarships, research assistantships (RAs), teaching assistantships (TAs), and other University of Toronto funding.
We strongly encourage students to apply for external scholarships such as:

In addition to being financially beneficial in the short-term, scholarships provide enduring long-term documentation of meritorious academic and research performance. Important information relating to deadlines and application dates (e.g., in the fall, for NSERC and OGS) will be posted on the website. Please direct scholarship-related questions to the Graduate Administrator (ES 1066, grad@es.utoronto.ca).

There are a number of internal scholarships that are administered by the Department of Earth Sciences. All applicants are considered for these scholarships and they are normally awarded upon admission to a graduate program.
Internal scholarships for international students:
If you wish to be considered for one of these, please notify the Graduate Administrator (ES 1066, grad@es.utoronto.ca).