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ESS1101 Seminars in Geology

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The course is designed to help the student develop their scientific presentation skills. During the term, students will be required to deliver at least two oral presentations on assigned topics, and provide critique for the presentation of other students in the course. The course is given on a pass/fail basis, and will meet weekly in the Fall term.

Criteria for a pass in this course:

  1. Two 10 minute presentations of acceptable quality (about 10 to 20 hours prep time, please rehearse before).
  2. Being present at 7/8 class dates.
  3. Demonstrated background preparation by critically reading supplied literature, and participate in the in class discussions
  4. Provide background reading for your classmates in time (i.e., 7 days in advance).
  5. Improve on your first presentation, based on the feedback given

Recommended reading
Scott L. Montgomery, “The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science”. The University of Chicago Press, 2003

Elements to watch for in presentations:

  1. Flow of ideas
  2. Substance
  3. Use of text and graphics
  4. Use of time
  5. Elocution (.i.e., vocal presence – speaking clearly and directly to the audience)