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Cross-Listed Graduate Courses

ESS1423H1 F Mineral Deposits
Crystal chemistry of the major rock forming minerals. The course covers the underlying concepts behind the behaviour of minerals as solid-state materials including: Structure and bonding of minerals, chemical substitutions and solid-state transformations, high temperature and pressure behaviour, chemical weathering and kinetics.

Exclusion: GLG323H1

Prerequisite: GLG206H1

Instructor: Ed Spooner

ESS1461H1 F Paleoenvironmental Studies
The use of proxy data (terrestial and aquatic microfossils) to infer past environmental conditions. The nature and extent of Quaternary environmental change is considered in the context of assessing current issues such as acidification, metal pollution, eutrophication and global climate change. Paleoenvironmental techniques are applied in the laboratory.
Prerequisite: A 200-level course from one of BIO, GGR, GLG

Recommended preparation: BIO468H1/469Y1/ GLG216H1

Instructor: Jorg Bollmann

ESS1445H1 S Global Tectonics