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Undergraduate Earth Sciences Association

UESA is the Undergraduate Earth Sciences Association. 

Starting September 2016, UGA (Undergraduate Geology Association) goes by UESA (Undergraduate Earth Sciences Association). This change is in unity with department’s discussion to include a wider collection of related disciplines and the subject POSts offered (e.g. Environmental and Earth Systems Major). 

As a course union we represent all undergraduate students in the Arts & Sciences Faculty at St. George who are enrolled in a ESS-course. 

Members of the Executive Committee (2020-2021)

President: Jessica Patterson
Vice President: Dean Hiler
Treasurer: Athi Selvadurai
Secretary: Nicole Freij
Industry Liaison: TBA
Sales Rep: Sofia Panasiuk
Social Rep: Zoë Evans
Field Trip Coordinator: Anne Yolland
3rd Year Rep: Dani McGill
2nd year Rep: TBA

To contact UESA, please use either UESA’s official email account, uesauoft@gmail.com, or our Facebook account, www.facebook.com/UofTUESA

The responsibilities of each member are best outlined in our 2016 created constitution. This document can be read here: https://tinyurl.com/UESAConstitution

UESA provides public updates on events on a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/UofTUESA). 

In addition, UESA provides a weekly “newsletter” called Mining Mondays that outlines ongoing academic talks that week, networking events in the city, and related socials for undergraduates. Feel free to sign up and receive these emails (here: https://tinyurl.com/UESALSSignUp ).