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Marine Geology/Paleoceanography

Two fully funded graduate student positions in Marine Geology/Paleoceanography. My research group explores the global interplay of biology, chemistry, and physics on various timescales( see https://www.es.utoronto.ca/people/faculty/wortmann-ulrich/). Current projects include e.g.,
      1. Understanding the marine barite proxy record of  sulfate oxygen and sulfur isotopes (Ph.D.)  Seawater sulfate affects a variety of important biogeochemical processes (e.g., organic matter respiration, ocean alkalinity, etc.) Barite is considered a reliable proxy for the sulfur and oxygen isotope ratios of seawater sulfate. However, actual data suggests a considerable uncertainty in this proxy record. This project aims to explore and understand the sources of this uncertainty. This will be done through a series of lab experiments as well as working with ODP/IODP samples.
      2. Understanding the impact of pyrite dissolution on the Quaternary pCO2 (Ph.D.) Large amounts of pyrite are buried on the continental shelves. During glacial sea-level low stands, these pyrites are re-oxidized to sulfate, contributing substantial amounts of acidity into the ocean. In turn, this could affect DIC and alkalinity, and thus marine pCO2. This project aims to explore these fluxes and their effect on marine carbon chemistry
Applicants should have a background in earth sciences/oceanography/paleoceanography/geochemistry. Previous experience with modeling and/or porgramming (python) is an asset. 

 For more details contact uli.wortmann@utoronto.ca