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John Rucklidge (Emeritus)


Emeritus Professor

University of Toronto
Department of Earth Sciences



Emeritus Professor John Rucklidge passed away in early May, 2021.

Research Interests

Micro-analysis and image-analysis of rocks and minerals for analytical and classification purposes; micro-analytical methods and equipment; ultra-sensitive isotopic (carbon-14) analysis in geological materials and meteorites; iodine-129 studies in the environment (e.g. mosses, seaweeds); applications of accelerator mass spectrometry in the earth sciences, especially the determination of precious metals at sub-ppb levels in individual mineral grains. Current and future research is dedicated to the improvement of determining isotope ratios in individual grains of meteoritic material, and to the detection of rare elements and isotopes at stratigraphic discontinuities such as the K/T (Cretaceous/Tertiary) boundary.

As a member of the Meteorites and Impacts Advisory Committee to the Canadian Space Agency (MIAC), he keeps in touch with fireball sightings and meteorite activities in Canada.