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Andrew Miall video presentations for Canadian Society of Petroloeum Geologists

Two videos presented by Prof. Andrew Miall


These videos, each about 15 minutes in length, were prepared for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists in September. This is an entirely “virtual” meeting this year because of the pandemic.


Sophisticated Stratigraphy

This video brings together and summarizes work prepared for two review papers: The 2013 article reviews the evolution of the multidisciplinary nature of the science of Stratigraphy during the previous decade. The 2015 article broadens the scope of the historical review to include developments since the nineteenth century, and provides some general comments on the significance of stratigraphic studies.




The Stratigraphy Machine

This video draws on work carried out with John Holbrook of the Texas Christian University and Janok Bhattacharya of McMaster University It builds on earlier work I carried out, exploring the nature of the preservation of time in the stratigraphic record, in particular the 2015 paper, which was prepared as a keynote address for the Geological Society of London William Smith Symposium on “Strata and Time” in 2012.