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Ghent Publications


Campbell BA, Carter LM, Campbell DB, Nolan M, Chandler J, Ghent RR, Hawke BR, Anderson RF & Wells K (2010): Earth-based 12.6-cm wavelength radar mapping of the Moon: New views of impact melt distribution and mare physical properties. Icarus, 208(2):565–573.
Ghent RR, Gupta V, Campbell BA, Ferguson SA, Brown JC, Fergason RL & Carter LM (2010): Generation and emplacement of fine-grained ejecta in planetary impacts. Icarus, 209(2):818–835.
Paige DA, Siegler MA, Zhang JA, Hayne PO, Foote EJ, Bennett KA, Vasavada AR, Greenhagen BT, Schofield JT, McCleese DJ, Foote MC, DeJong E, Bills BG, Hartford W, Murray BC, Allen CC, Snook K, Soderblom LA, Calcutt S, Taylor FW, Bowles NE, Bandfield JL, Elphic R, Ghent R, Glotch TD, Wyatt MB & Lucey PG (2010): Diviner Lunar Radiometer Observations of Cold Traps in the Moon’s South Polar Region. Science, 330(6003):479–482.



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Thompson TW, Campbell BA, Ghent RR & Hawke BR (2009): Rugged crater ejecta as a guide to megaregolith thickness in the southern nearside of the Moon. Geology, 37(7):655–658.



Campbell BA, Carter LM, Hawke BR, Campbell DB & Ghent RR (2008): Volcanic and impact deposits of the Moon’s Aristarchus Plateau: A new view from Earth-based radar images. Geology, 36(2):135–138.
Ghent RR, Campbell BA, Hawke BR & Campbell DB (2008): Earth-based radar data reveal extended deposits of the Moon’s Orientale basin. Geology, 36(5):343–346.



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Ghent RR, Phillips RJ, Hansen VL & Nunes DC (2005): Finite element modeling of short-wavelength folding on Venus: Implications for the plume hypothesis for crustal plateau formation. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-PLANETS,110.



Leverington DW & Ghent RR (2004): Differential subsidence and rebound in response to changes in water loading on Mars: Possible effects on the geometry of ancient shorelines. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-PLANETS, 109.



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