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Don Davis Publications



Brem AG, Lin S, Van Staal CR, Davis DW & McNicoll VJ (2007): The Middle Ordovician to Early Silurian voyage of the Dashwoods microcontinent, West Newfoundland; Based on new U/Pb and Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronological, and kinematic constraints. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE307:311–338.

Charles CR & Davis DW (2007): A new approach to precise Pb dating of CAI’s by thermal extraction and thermal ionization in silica melt. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA,71:A161–A161.

Davis DW (2007): Sub-m.y. age resolution for Precambrian igneous events by thermal extraction (TE-TIMS) Pb dating of zircon: Application to progressive crystallization of the 1849 Ma Sudbury impact melt. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA71:A206–A206.

Lin SF, Davis DW, Barr SM, Van Staal CR, Chen YD & Constantin M (2007): U-Pb geochronological constraints on the evolution of the Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Island: Implications for relationships between Aspy and Bras d’Oor terranes and Ganderia in the Canadian Appalachians. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE307:371–398.

Mercer-Langevin P, Dube B, Hannington MD, Davis DW, Lafrance B & Gosselin G (2007): The LaRonde penna Au-rich volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, Abitibi greenstone belt, Quebec: Part I. Geology and geochronology. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY102:585–609.

Mercier-Langevin P, Dube B, Lafrance B, Hannington MD, Galley A, Marquis R, Moorhead J & Davis DW (2007): A group of papers devoted to the laronde penna Au-rich volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, eastern Blake River Group, Abitibi greenstone belt, Quebec: Preface. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY102:577–583.

Rios DC, Conceicao H, Davis DW, Cid JP, Rosa ML, Macambira MJ, McReath I, Marinho MM & Davis WJ (2007): Paleoproterozoic potassic-ultrapotassic magmatism: Morro do Afonso Syrenite Pluton, Bahia, Brazil. PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH154:1–30.

Sitnikova MA, Melcher F, Oberthur T, Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A, Bratz H & Davis DW (2007): “Blood Coltan”: Fingerprinting of columbite-tantalite ores. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA71:A943–A943.



Fralick P, Purdon RH & Davis DW (2006): Neoarchean trans-subprovince sediment transport in southwestern Superior Province: sedimentological, geochemical, and geochronological evidence. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES43:1055–1070.

Lin S, Davis DW, Rotenberg E, Corkery MT & Bailes AH (2006): Geological evolution of the northwestern superior province: Clues from geology, kinematics, and geochronology in the Gods Lake Narrows area, Oxford-Stull terrane, Manitoba. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES43:749–765.

Lyons PC, Krogh TE, Kwok YY, Davis DW, Outerbridge WF & Evans HT (2006): Radiometric ages of the Fire Clay tonstein [Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous), Westphalian, Duckmantian]: A comparison of U-Pb zircon single-crystal ages and Ar-40/Ar-39 sanidine single-crystal plateau ages. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL GEOLOGY67:259–266.

Mapeo RB, Ramokate LV, Corfu F, Davis DW & Kampunzu AB (2006): The Okwa basement complex, western Botswana: U-Pb zircon geochronology and implications for Eburnean processes in southern Africa. JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES46:253–262.

Nasdala L, Kronz A, Hanchar JM, Tichomirowa M, Davis DW & Hofmeister W (2006): Effects of natural radiation damage on back-scattered electron images of single crystals of minerals. AMERICAN MINERALOGIST91:1739–1746.



Addison WD, Brumpton GR, Vallini DA, McNaughton NJ, Davis DW, Kissin SA, Fralick PW & Hammond AL (2005): Discovery of distal ejecta from the 1850 Ma Sudbury impact event.GEOLOGY33:193–196.

Amelin Y, Davis DW & Davis WJ (2005): Decoupled fractionation of even- and odd-mass isotopes of Pb in TIMS. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA69:A215–A215.

Beakhouse GP & Davis DW (2005): Evolution and tectonic significance of intermediate to felsic plutonism associated with the Hemlo greenstone belt, Superior Province, Canada.PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH137:61–92.

Davis DW, Amelin Y, Nowell GM & Parrish RR (2005): Hf isotopes in zircon from the western Superior province, Canada: Implications for Archean crustal development and evolution of the depleted mantle reservoir. PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH140:132–156.

Davis DW, Heymach JV, McConkey DJ, Desai J, George S, Jackson J, Bello CD, Baum C, Shalinsky DR & Demetri GD (2005): Receptor tyrosine kinase activity and apoptosis in gastrointestinal stromal tumours: a pharmacodynamic analysis of response to sunitinib malate (SU11248) therapy. EJC SUPPLEMENTS3:203–203.

Gelcich S, Davis DW & Spooner ET (2005): Testing the apatite-magnetite geochronometer: U-Pb and Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology of plutonic rocks, massive magnetite-apatite tabular bodies, and IOCG mineralization in Northern Chile. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA69:3367–3384.

Rotenberg E, Davis DW & Amelin Y (2005): Determination of the Rb-87 decay constant by Sr-87 accumulation. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA69:A326–A326.



Black LP, Kamo SL, Allen CM, Davis DW, Aleinikoff JN, Valley JW, Mundil R, Campbell IH, Korsch RJ, Williams IS & Foudoulis C (2004): Improved Pb-206/U-218 microprobe geochronology by the monitoring of a trace-element-related matrix effect; SHRIMP, ID-TIMS, ELA-ICP-MS and oxygen isotope documentation for a series of zircon standards.CHEMICAL GEOLOGY205:115–140.

Halls HC & Davis DW (2004): Paleomagnetism and U-Pb geochronology of the 2.17 Ga Biscotasing dyke swarm, Ontario, Canada: evidence for vertical-axis crustal rotation across the Kapuskasing Zone. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES41:255–269.

Manyeruke TD, Blenkinsop TG, Buchholz P, Love D, Oberthur T, Vetter UK & Davis DW (2004): The age and petrology of the Chimbadzi Hill Intrusion, NW Zimbabwe: first evidence for early Paleoproterozoic magmatism in Zimbabwe. JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES40:281–292.

Rios DC, Davis DW, Conceicao H, Rosa ML & Dickin AP (2004): Archaean granites at Serrinha Nucleus, Bahia, Brazil. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA68:A685–A685.



Barr SM, Davis DW, Kamo S & White CE (2003): Significance of U-Pb detrital zircon ages in quartzite from peri-Gondwanan terranes, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH126:123–145.

Black LP, Kamo SL, Allen CM, Aleinikoff JN, Davis DW, Korsch RJ & Foudoulis C (2003): TEMORA 1: a new zircon standard for Phanerozoic U-Pb geochronology. CHEMICAL GEOLOGY200:155–170.

Black LP, Kamo SL, Williams IS, Mundil R, Davis DW, Korsch RJ & Foudoulis C (2003): The application of SHRIMP to Phanerozoic geochronology; a critical appraisal of four zircon standards. CHEMICAL GEOLOGY200:171–188.

Davis DW & Lin SF (2003): Unraveling the geologic history of the Hemlo Archean gold deposit, Superior province, Canada: A U-Pb geochronological study. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY AND THE BULLETIN OF THE SOCIETY OF ECONOMIC GEOLOGISTS98:51–67.

Davis DW, Williams IS & Krogh TE (2003): Historical development of zircon geochronology. ZIRCON53:145–181.

Kamo SL, Czamanske GK, Amelin Y, Fedorenko VA, Davis DW & Trofimov VR (2003): Rapid eruption of Siberian flood-volcanic rocks and evidence for coincidence with the Permian-Triassic boundary and mass extinction at 251 Ma. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS214:75–91.

Tomlinson KY, Davis DW, Stone D & Hart TR (2003): U-Pb age and Nd isotopic evidence for Archean terrane development and crustal recycling in the south-central Wabigoon subprovince, Canada. CONTRIBUTIONS TO MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY144:684–702.



Hirdes W & Davis DW (2002): U-Pb zircon and rutile metamorphic ages of Dahomeyan garnet-hornblende gneiss in southeastern Ghana, West Africa. JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES35:445–449.



Sylvester G & Anderson G (1976): The Davis nepheline pegmatite and associated nepheline gneisses near Bancroft, Ontario. Can. Jour. Earth Sci.13:248-265.