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E-mail distribution lists


The distribution lists below may be used to contact various groups within the department. 
*Note* there is an extra space before and after the @ symbol. 
Remove these spaces when sending an email message.


faculty-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
Faculty @ all campuses, the ROM, cross-appointed and emeritus
 pdf-ra-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 Post doctoral fellows and research associates
 grads-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 Graduate students (all campuses)
current-undergrads-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 Undergraduate students enrolled in 2020-2021 programs
 staff-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 Messages to staff members
 everyone-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 All members of the department
 seminar-announce-l @ groups.es.utoronto.ca
 All members of the department as well as others outside the department who are interested in receiving seminar notifications