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McAndrews, John (emeritus)


Professor Emeritus

Senior Curator Emeritus, Royal Ontario Museum

University of Toronto
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Office: ES 3049

Tel.:  416 978 6940

e-mail: jock.mcandrews@utoronto.ca

Teaching Interest
Research Opportunity Program 299Y

Research Field
Quaternary biostratigraphy and climate, Palynology

Members of Research Group
Charles L. Turton
Dr. Eugene K. Ramcharan
Dr. J.H. McAndrews

Nature of Research
We apply fossil pollen analysis to questions about prehistoric agriculture, late-Pleistocene extinction of mastodon and Caribbean climate history.

Recent Publications

McCarthy, F.M.G., J.H. McAndrews and E. Papanigelakis. 2015. Paleoenvironmental context for Early Holocene caribou migration on the Alpena-Amberley Ridge. Pages 13-29. In: E. Sonnenburg, A. K Lemke, and J. M. O’Shea. (editors).  Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes. Museum of Anthropology Memoir 57, University of Michigan, Ann Arbour.

Gordon, D.L. with contributions by J.H. McAndrews and I.D. Campbell. 2013. A lake through time: archaeological and palaeo-environmental investigations at Lake Temagami, 1985-1994. Ontario Archaeology 93:52-158. 

Gao C., McAndrews J.H., Wang X., Menzies J., Turton C.L., Wood B.D., Pei J., Kodors, C. 2012. Glaciation of North America in the James Bay Lowland, Canada 3.5 Ma. Geology 40:11975-978.

McCarthy, F. and J. McAndrews. 2012. Early Holocene drought in the  Laurentian Great Lakes basin caused by hydrologic closure of Georgian  Bay. Journal of Paleolimnology 47:411-428.

McCarthy, F., S. Tiffin, A. Sarvis, J. McAndrews and S. Blasco. 2012.  Early Holocene brackish closed basin conditions in Georgian Bay,  Ontario, Canada: microfossil (thecamoebian and pollen) evidence. Journal of Paleolimnology 47:429-445.

McAndrews J.H., and C.L. Turton. 2010. Fungal spores record Iroquoian and Canadian agriculture in sediment of Crawford Lake, Ontario, Canada. Vegetation History and Archaobotany 19:495-501.

Lewis, C.F.M., S.M. Blasco, C.W. Heil Jr., R.I. Narragansett, J.B. Hubeny, G.R. Brooks, B.E. Medioli, J.P. Coakley, T.E. Croley, D.L. Dettman, T.W.D. Edwards II, K.R. Laird, J.H. McAndrews, F.M.G. McCarthy, T.C. Moore Jr., D.K. Rea, and A.J. Smith. 2008. Holocene dry climate disconnected the Laurentian Great Lakes. Eos 89(52):540-541.